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Ecuador Galapagos Travels

The Ecuador & Galapagos specialist for fascinating cultural and adventure tours in the Andes; relaxing beach holidays on the sands of the pacific coast; trips into the mysterious verdant world of the Amazon rainforest; comfortable hotel accommodation in major cities; and cruises which travel through the enchanted Galapagos Islands.

Ecuador & Galapagos News

Earthquake in Ecuador

First of all we would like to thank you for your sympathy, as we have received many messages of concern asking about the current situation.

Saturday April 16th, a magnitude-7.8 earthquake struck coastal Ecuador that seriously affected some coastal cities while in the Andes this event was felt with less intensity and the Galapagos Islands were not affected.

We can confirm that all members of Responsible Travel and it´s different departments and their families as well as all our guests are well. Our guests in Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands will continue with their scheduled itineraries and all Ecuadorean airports are back to regular operations except the airport in Manta which is currently open only to receive flights with humanitarian aid.

The epicenter of the earthquake has been at the northern coast in the area of Pedernales, Esmeraldas, Portoviejo and Manta. As so often, also this time unfortunately the main affected people have been the poor living in badly constructed houses which did not resist the force of the shivering earth. The affected areas are receiving a lot of support, from inside and outside the country. We all hope there will be no more victims and that people can soon start to reconstruct their lives.

It is in times like this that a country like Ecuador needs local industries such as tourism more than ever, as tourism is one of the few industries that has a high benefitting effect in the country; providing employment and economic stability and thus wellbeing to a country that is recovering from the biggest natural disaster it has struck for many decades.


We just received the formal notification from DGAC (Dirección General de Aviación Civil - General Direction of Civil Aviation), about the beginning of the application of a new tax in Baltra applicable for all passengers departing from Baltra's Airport for the amount of US$15.50 to be applied for all travelers departing from Baltra starting Saturday May 18th. In the future, this mandatory new tax will be automatically charged with the Galapagos Airfare but all travelers who have already bought their flights will have to pay this additional tax directly at the Baltra Airport!

New fees apply in Ecuador and Galapagos

Due to the opening of the new Quito Airport from February 20 2013 new airport taxes apply: US$ 17,27 per person for national flights and US$ 54,66 per person for international flights.

The local Government of Isabela Island has informed that from March 21 2013 on all international passengers visiting Isabela Island as part of a cruise in Galapagos have to pay a new fee (tasa de uso de muelle) of US$ 20 per person. Furthermore the new Galapagos ecological airport on Baltra Island started its operations on March 25 2013. According to ECOGAL (Ecological Airport Galapagos in Baltra) from April 04th therefore a new increase in Airport taxes will apply; the new airport tax will be US$ 30 per person for international travelers.

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