Llanganates National Park
Llanganates National Park

The mountainous labyrinth of Llanganates National Park is fabled in legends and obscured by mystery. Ancient chronicles tell a story of hidden Inca treasure. This gold treasure was to be paid to the Spaniards as ransom for the Inca king, but when it was known he had already been killed, more than 1000 men quickly carried the gold to Llanganates to secret it away from the Conquistadors. Since colonial times, famous explorers and treasure-hunters have launched numerous expeditions in an effort to find the legendary treasure, but without success. In fact because of the inhospitable environment and infamous fog banks many of the treasure seekers have never returned...

Unlike many of the other mountainous regions of Ecuador, Llanganates is not of volcanic origin, but is rather the result of tectonic plate movement. The area is characterised predominantly by Páramo (grassy and marshy Andean Highlands) and is home to the condor, tapirs and the spectacled bear. Its highest point is the top of Cerro Hermoso at 4570m. Because of its inaccessibility and foggy weather, this extraordinary region is relatively unknown. Join EGT as they pioneer new trails in this legendary area of lost Inca treasure.

All tours into the Llanganates National Park are individually organized according to your requirements. Nevertheless even to get just a first impression of this beautiful mountain range we recommend a minimum of 3 days starting/ending in Quito. For a serious research of the area you should calculate with a minimum of 8+ days.

This expedition is organized according to your specifications. It is truly your own adventure. We will gladly assist you in the planning of the tour including routes, daily activities and the best possible camping sites and will make sure that everything is organized before you come to Ecuador. All expeditions into the Llanganates are led by an experienced tour guide and accompanied by a crew of porters and an expedition cook

Prices 2018

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Included in the Price:
Private transportation, English/Spanish speaking guide, all meals, collective camp equipment such as mess tent, 1 or 2-pers. tents, toilet tent, foam pad, tables, stools, kitchen gear, cook, porters, entrance national Park.

Not Included in the Price:
Accommodation in Quito, personal equipment, tips, travel Insurance.

What to bring with you:

Personal equipment, sleeping bag, sun glasses, sun block, rain wear, torch, hat, Trekking shoes, warm clothing, canteen, camera.

The tour may be delayed due to unforeseen obstacles (e.g. rivers you cannot cross because they are flooded etc.). Therefore you should plan one or two reserve days after the tour. The countryside is often very difficult and you also have to cross-rivers. For this tour it is essential that you are in very good shape and are prepared to work in a team! You can choose if you want to carry your personal equipment or hire an additional porter (optional).

The Llanganates are in some publications, especially older ones, also called Llanganatis or Llanganati.

For further Information on the treasure and the legends of the Llanganates we recommend the following homepage:
link: http://staff-struck.freehostia.com/treasure/index.html

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