Arco Iris Lodge
Arco Iris Lodge

Arco Iris Jungle Lodge is located in Amazonia, one of the most picturesque parts of Ecuador on the banks of river Napo, which is the affluent of the most full-flowing river of the world Amazon. Arcoiris Jungle Lodge and can be reached in one hour by motor canoe from the town of Francisco de Orellana (El Coca). Our most comfortable bungalows are placed on the Napo riverbank on a high hill covered with jungle. We did our best to keep the atmosphere of a virgin forest, the great tranquility of the selva and the untouched nature so rare and thus precious nowadays.
The resort owns 50 hectares (123 acres) of primary jungle where 10 spacious bungalows are situated. The hotel restaurant, bar, swimming pool and the bungalows are connected with each other by the wooden footpaths, so that even after the shower rains (rainforests are always rainforests) you shall be comfortable in your sandals or slippers on the territory of the hotel.
In order to keep the jungle undisturbed and quiet there is no TV-sets or radio/audio players in the bungalows - quiet music is always on in the bar., though, - but in any place of the hotel you may have an Internet access via Wi-Fi using your own laptop.
Arcoiris Jungle Lodge is the only eco-resort in Ecuador with the super-inclusive board basis. You may leave your cash at home - you will not need it in out hotel. The pre-paid package includes literally everything from the meals in our restaurant to daily exciting jungle tours and alcoholic beverages in the bar.
Arcoiris Jungle Lodge has 10 cabins, designed to combine modern comfort and the taste of the untouched jungle nature. We give you an opportunity to feel comfortable being as close to the nature as can be. Our bungalows are constructed using traditional local materials and they perfectly fit into surrounding jungle. Each cabin has a private terrace with hammocks with a wonderful forest view. The bungalows have high thatched roofs, anti-insect window screens, electricity and hot water available 24x7. In every bungalow there is a queen-sized bed and upon your request the second bed can be added.

Welcome to the selva!

A week in our hotel will give you lifetime memories.

Rainforest Trips

We will take to you to the heart of the jungle by our canoe, and from the check point you will have a long hike, leading you through the primary jungle to the most untouched areas of the jungle. During your trip you will see the jungle medicinal plants and will have a chance to try some edible local fruits and insects.
If you keep the jungle quiet and undisturbed, with some luck you may see the inhabitants of the jungle - Giant Anteaters, Black-Mantled Tamarin Monkeys, poison-dart frogs and others.
We can also offer you to go for 2-hours morning or night tours to the jungle on our territory, where you can see tropical animals on salt marshes (tapirs, capybaras, etc).

Depending on your physical shape we can vary the difficulty level of the trips.

If you are fond of fishing, we will give you several opportunities to enjoy this hobby of yours at Arcoiris Jungle Lodge - you can go fishing to Lemoncocha, Napo river islands or the small lake on the territory of our Lodge. The fish you catch can be cooked for your dinner.

Night Caiman Watching
The population of the Black Cayman is endangered for quite a long time, and a curved black-water lake is one of the places where these large, up to 5-meter long species are safe. The Black Cayman is not aggressive, what one usually expects of these reptiles, and after the sun goes down they go out to hunt. Their prey is usually fish, mammals, birds, even anacondas. With some luck you can see them swimming slowly across the lake.

Restaurant Observation
Because of the perfect location of Arcoiris Jungle Lodge and due to our policy of non-disturbance of jungle life, our Lodge is a wonderful place to observe birds. Having your lunch or dinner in our restaurant you will also have a chance to see dozens of colibris flying around the beautiful plants to enjoy a lunch of their own.

One of the most interesting part of every country is it's original culture. The quechua are the native people of Ecuador, and we will take you to the village where you can see a quechua family living in their traditional house. You will see the way they live in detail - their food, drinks, customs, traditions, clothing etc. Your guide and the quechua will welcome you into this world. One of the most important things of the quechua way of life is the fact that they are completely self-sufficient and independent of the outer world.

Night Jungle Trips
Most of the animals in the wild are active only in the nighttime, while in the daytime they sleep. In bright daylight it is unbelievably difficult to see them even when you almost step on them, because these animals are natural born aces of camouflage, which is dramatically important for their survival. And when the night falls, the jungle wakes up, and hundreds and thousands of species start their new active period. That includes not only insects, but also mammals like night monkeys, many kinds of bats and kinkajous. A trip to the night jungle is a rare opportunity to experience the touch of life, that is usually hidden in the dark.

If you make reservations for a group, for several concurrent services or on certain dates we are usually able to offer special prices on these occasions – Please contact us!

Your journey to the Amazonia shall begin in the city of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, which is located at 2800 meters above sea level. You shall take a 40 minute flight over the Andes to the town of Coca (Pto. Francisco de Orellana). Upon arrival you will be collected by a guide from the Arcoiris Jungle Lodge and taken across the town to the port of Napo river by "Chiva" bus, which is the most popular tourist vehicle of the region.
From Coca our covered motor canoe will take you on a 1 hour trip down the Napo River, during which a small snack is served. Our guides will provide you with detailed information on the surrounding nature of this largest river in Ecuadorian Amazonia.
The width of Napo river sometimes reaches almost a mile, it is often unbelievably shallow. The canoes have to zigzag their way down the river in order not to ground and not to run into the trees washed away by the floods.
You will also see authentic traditional Quechua villages situated along the Napo riverbanks with houses built on stilts.
Upon arrival at the Arcoiris Jungle Lodge and short registration procedure at the hotel reception you will walk from 25 to 78 meters to the top of the hill by wooden ladder (your luggage shall be delivered to your room).
At the restaurant the hotel personnel will welcome you with a cocktail and snacks, and after a brief orientation you will be shown to your rooms.
If you make reservations for a group, for several concurrent services or on certain dates we are usually able to offer special prices on these occasions – Please contact us!

We provide our clients with a high level customer service, designed to fit every guest's personal requirements. Taking care of every detail is the most important part of our work, because we think that the impressions you take with you after your vacation should not be spoiled with a single detail. Our job is to make your stay with us as comfortable as can be.

Cuisine, Meals
Three times a day our Chef will treat you with delicious meals. Our cuisine is a perfect combination of local food and world's best gastronomy achievements. We are very attentive to the quality of the food in our hotel, as well as to its assortment.

We understand that leading a healthy life you may have a specific diet or be a vegetarian, and we can guarantee you that during your stay at our lodge you shall have no complications with this - all you have to do is inform us on your preferred products.

In case you wish to try anything specific of the local cuisine please five us a timely notice, and our chef will do his best to satisfy your request.

We have our own bakery for a fresh bread to be on your table every day, and the regular supply of local fruit will provide you with exotic, tasty and healthy snack, as well as with assortment of fresh juices, including guanabana, guava, passion fruit, cactus fruit, limes, coconut and others. Delicious desserts and fine Ecuadorian coffee will be served every evening after exhausting but exciting jungle tours.

Snacks and cocktails are available 24 hours at the bar or by room service.

We do know another important thing about the jungle - it can be pretty tiring and dirty. We provide hand washing laundry services to our guests - your clothes will be taken care of delicately and fast, and at no additional price.

Hot Water
All bungalows are constantly supplied with cold and hot water.

First Aid
We have all first aid equipment that might be required and our staff is trained to help anyone having an emergency. We even have a medicine man that can help our guests using jungle herbs and other natural products from the nearest jungle.

In case of a serious emergency we provide a 20-30 min. transportation by our speed-boat by the river to a hospital of the Army of Ecuador near El Coca, or to Quito, the capital, by helicopter (in case your insurance provides for such service) with our assistance and support to duly solve the problem.

At the resort, there is a first aid equipment and staff trained to help anyone that has an emergency. We even have a medicine man that can help our guests using medicinal remedies from our forest.

If you make reservations for a group, for several concurrent services or on certain dates we are usually able to offer special prices on these occasions – Please contact us!

What to Bring
* The most important: if you are on any treatment that requires regular intake of any medicines or allergic, please make sure you have enough of the medicines for the period of your stay with us. Please also consult your physician and follow his recommendations related to the trip. Do not forget the prescription copy in case the medicines require it.

* Check the set of papers to take with you: passport, travel documents, tickets, travel insurance (it is absolutely necessary to travel in Ecuador), vaccination certificates (if any).

* Clothing recommendations are quite usual: long sleeve tops, long trousers and a light raincoat/poncho for jungle tours as a protection against sun, rain and mosquitoes. Comfortable walking or hiking shoes or boots - sneakers or sports footwear are not suitable for the jungle. T-shirts, shorts, hats and caps are a necessity in any traveler's baggage. In case you have an extra-large foot size you probably would be safer having the rain boots with you.

* Sun protection creams/lotions, sunglasses, insect repellent, and your usual set of personal care items. If you use contact lenses please ensure you have the sufficient stock of the daily/weekly pairs.

* A video/photo camera (and/or binoculars). Films and batteries can be purchased in the town of Coca, but please have a spare set in case they run out of stock in Coca - especially for long tours. Do not forget the chargers for your cameras. We also recommend you to have an extra memory card for your cameras with you. Water resistant padded cases are a necessity.

* Books, sketching or painting accessories or else to fill in your time between the tours.

Amazonia is a perfect place for photography lovers, where one can find the objects to any taste - landscapes, panoramic views, wildlife, portraits and genre pictures. The nature and the people of Ecuador are very colorful and good light conditions are as well present. Please note that it is considered rude to take pictures of people without asking their permission first. Keep your cameras in a water resistant, padded case to protect them from rain and humidity.

Travel Insurance
Please note that it is your responsibility to provide for your medical and travel insurance. It is necessary that you take care of this before your arrival to Ecuador, for any active traveling is impossible without proper insurance. Please note that is recommended to make sure the urgent evacuation by helicopters in case of emergency is provided.

Personal Medical Conditions
It is extremely important that any traveler having an ailments requiring any specific drug/medicine/procedures on a regular basis (allergies, diabetes, etc) should have absolutely enough stock of all necessary items with him, because it is often impossible to get a medicine within about 24 hours. If the traveler uses prescription medicine, he must have a copy of the prescription with him.

If you make reservations for a group, for several concurrent services or on certain dates we are usually able to offer special prices on these occasions – Please contact us!

Prices 2018

Please contact us for a free quote!

Included in the Price:

  • Free river and ground return trip transfers from El Coca airport to the lodge
  • Accommodation at the lodge
  • Full board - breakfast, lunch and dinner at open-air restaurants
  • 24-hours availability of snacks
  • All sorts of local beer, premium-brand bar drinks, soda, fresh juices etc. at the bar
  • Wine with lunch and dinner
  • Swimming pool
  • Personal safe box
  • Jacuzzi (at luxury bungalows)
  • Daily 1 or 2 excursion trips in groups not more than 8 persons: (canoe tours, rainforest hiking, fishing and wildlife observation tours, rowing boats, etc.)
  • Services of bilingual guides
  • Free WiFi Internet access on the territory of the lodge
  • All hotel taxes
  • Laundry services on request.

Not Included in the Price:

  • Service tips or shopping outside Arcoiris Jungle Lodge territory.
  • flight Quito – Coca – Quito USD 130.-

If you make reservations for a group, for several concurrent services or on certain dates we are usually able to offer special prices on these occasions – Please contact us!

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