By formally accepting the offer (price quote with tour itinerary and activities) made by the authorized executives of Responsible Travel via email or chat (platforms utilized by our executives), the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions.

For some custom itinerary tours, cancellation fees can vary; your Responsible Travel Specialist adviser will outline cancellation penalties when you make your reservation.


The following definitions are applicable to these Terms and Conditions:

The client accepting the offer is the customer, passenger, or client.

Fees are the costs associated with the services that are mentioned in the offer.

The services outlined in the offer that Responsible Travel will provide to the customer are referred to as services.

The services and prices listed in the tour itinerary delivered to the customer constitute the offer, as negotiated between the parties.

Parties are defined as each Customer and Responsible Travel individually and as a pair when taken as a whole.


A pre-payment for the tour will be required once the client has approved the tour’s schedule and price. Responsible Travel (hereafter referred to as RT) shall send written confirmation upon receipt of this payment. Once the remaining tour payment has been received, this confirmation will work as a legally binding contract for the services sought in accordance with the pre-agreed trip itinerary and specifics (unavoidable alterations excepted) (see section 2).

The applicant is liable for all of the travelers’ contractual obligations as though they were his own if he registers them all. By signing the contract, the client consents to RT’s storage of his or her personal information for the sole purpose of facilitating the tour and its schedule. Your private information won’t be sold or used improperly for business purposes. Please see our Privacy Policy section (available at www.responsibletravelsa.com/Privacy-Policy) for further details.


30% of the total cost per person must be paid as a non-refundable prepayment to confirm the trip contract. For all mainland excursions in Ecuador, the remaining amount must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the start of the tour; for all trips to the Galápagos Islands and all other South American destinations, excluding Ecuador, the deadline is 90 days.

The trip must be paid in full immediately if the client cancels his travel plans with RT less than 60 days prior to the departure date for mainland travel in Ecuador, 90 days prior to the departure date for the Galápagos Islands or a mainland tour in any South American country other than Ecuador.

A client runs the risk of losing their tour if they do not pay for their tour in full by the final payment deadlines, which are 60 days before departure for travel on the Ecuadorian mainland and 90 days before departure for travel on the Galápagos Islands or any other South American mainland except Ecuador. The customer will also forfeit the deposits paid for any travelers included in the reservation if the complete payment isn’t made by the deadline.

If the tour fee is not paid in full prior to the scheduled start of the trip, RT will be freed from its service commitments and may charge the client any necessary severance fees.


Until the balance is paid in full, there may be no price or availability guarantees for the flight for any package. Schedules, flights, and prices are calculated using the going rate at the time tickets are purchased. These are subject to sudden change. Executives at RT will work hard to find the most competitive rates and schedules. The full cost of a flight must be paid at the time of booking. If you need to cancel, there are no refunds available.

Please send money by wire transfer to one of the following foreign bank accounts in Germany or Ecuador (note that RT is a joint project between Germany and Ecuador) to pay:

Account Name: Ecuador Galapagos Reisen
Account Number: 31328
BLZ: 586 512 40
Bank: Kreissparkasse Vulkaneifel
Street: Leopoldstrasse 13
City: 54550 Daun
Country: Germany
IBAN: DE74586512400000031328

Ecuador Galapagos Reisen
Wilson OE 7-56 y Diego de Almagro, La Mariscal.
Quito, Ecuador.

Account Name: Responsible Travel Operadora de Turismo Cía. Ltda.
Account Number: 3484713504
Bank: Banco del Pichincha
Street: Amazonas 4560 y Pereira
City: Quito
Country: Ecuador

Responsible Travel Operadora de Turismo Cía. Ltda.
Wilson OE 7-56 y Diego de Almagro, La Mariscal.
Quito, Ecuador.


The scope of services is described in detail in the agreed-upon services in accordance with the offer and in our descriptions, ilustrations, and prices as published on the RT website (see section 1).

Before confirming the tour with the customer through a written offer in accordance with section 1, RT maintains the right to amend tour information (by email or as specified on the website). However, RT has the right to alter a trip only in the event of valid and unavoidable circumstances after it has been confirmed and payment has been received.

The trip procedure described in the travel itinerary may change or deviate from the travel descriptions throughout the tour owing to road conditions, extreme weather, and official arbitrary action, among other things. Although RT will only ever alter the tour with consideration to the client’s best interests, the travel method described in the itinerary description cannot be guaranteed. The agreed-upon travel descriptions do not guarantee the specifics of the precise operating sequence; they merely indicate the anticipated travel process.

Once an agreement has been reached, a written contract must be signed by both parties if clients ask for additional arrangements before or during the tour, such as changing the itinerary because of bad weather.



The travel method specified in the itinerary description cannot be guaranteed, even though RT will only ever adjust the tour with respect for the client’s best interests. The agreed-upon travel descriptions just outline the anticipated travel process; they do not guarantee the specifics of the exact operation sequence.

If the client requests additional arrangements before or during the tour, such as changing the route due to bad weather, a written contract must be signed by all sides after an agreement has been reached.

As a result of rising transportation costs, fees for particular services, port or airport taxes, or changes in exchange rates that may affect final costs, RT is allowed to raise the travel price after the travel contract has been signed. However, any such changes can only take place if there is at least 4 months or more between the reservation date and the departure date. If such were the case, the customer would be notified as soon as possible, but no later than 21 days before departure. After then, price hikes are not allowed.


Any additional costs that result from the client’s alteration of the itinerary will be charged to the client and are due right away. The aforementioned fees include things like missed embarkation due to a customer’s late arrival at the airport or port, delayed arrival for trekking trips, early departure from the country for any reason (medical, personal, legal, etc.), and travel-related medical expenses for illnesses or accidents (e.g., helicopter evacuation, hospitalization, hotel stay for a chaperon or companion).

If RT needs to advance money to deal with an urgent emergency, the money must be returned to RT right away after the trip is over.



RT can withdraw the tour offer up to 14 days before the travel start date if the number of required participants for the tour isn’t met, but only if the travel description for the corresponding tour refers to a minimum number of participants.

The customer must get notice at least 14 days prior to the start of the trip that the required minimum number of participants was not met and that the trip is being cancelled. Any prior payments will be immediately refunded to the consumer, who will not be eligible for any additional reimbursement or compensation.


If it is determined that the customer is acting in any way that is disrupting the trip in an unacceptable fashion, RT may terminate its services after the travel begins. This is especially true if the consumer is unable to fulfill the necessary conditions for the tour in question (physical and/or mental health, general ability, technical skills, etc.).

The fees incurred up to that point, including advanced payments for contracted services for the tour, will not be reimbursed if RT cancels the trip. Only those refunds that RT determines are appropriate in light of the costs of the tour will be granted to the client.


Before the trip starts, the consumer has the right to cancel the agreement at any moment, but they must do so in writing.


Due to pre-tour fees being incurred and being unrecoverable by RT, refunds can only be issued under the following conditions.


For some custom itinerary tours, cancellation fees can vary; your Responsible Travel Specialist adviser will outline cancellation penalties when you make your reservation.

As a result, the following refunds are available for tours that are canceled:

a) For Ecuadorian mainland vacations that don’t involve boat journeys or cruises:

60 days or more before departure:

Full refund, excluding the nonrefundable prepayment of 30%.

From 59 to 21 days before departure:

Refund of 60% of the travel price

From 20 to 10 days before departure:

Refund of 50% of the travel price

From 9 to 5 days before departure:

Refund of 20% of the travel price

From 4 days until departure;

0% will be refunded

b) The following restrictions apply to travel arrangements that involve boat tours or cruises:

90 days or more before departure:

Full Refund excluding the nonrefundable prepayment of 30%.

From 89 to 60 days before departure:

Refund of 50% of the travel price

From 59 to 40 days before departure:

Refund of 40% of the travel price

From 39 to 31 days before departure:

Refund of 30% of the travel price

From 30 days until departure date:

0% will be refunded

Important: Please note that for Galápagos Charters, the cancellation fees can vary according to the chosen boat and therefore will be confirmed individually.

c) With the exception of Ecuador, mainland trips in South American countries:

90 days or more before departure:

Full Refund excluding minimum cancellation fee of USD $50 per person

From 98 to 31 days before departure:

Refund of 80% of the travel price

From 30 to 10 days before departure:

Refund of 50% of the travel price

From 9 to 5 days before departure:

Refund of 20% of the travel price

From 4 days until departure:

0% will be refunded.


The liability of RT depends on the applicable national legislation if the travel services are not provided in accordance with the contractual offer. The consumer has the option to ask for compensation, which RT has the right to reject if they think it is excessive. RT will make every effort to make things right so that every tour is of comparable quality.

The customer is required to promptly report any persistent bad performance to the agency or its representative, who is typically the guide, outlining the issues encountered. The consumer cannot later make a claim for contractual compensation if they fail to bring up the issue with the agency or its agent.

Only if RT has received notice of the customer’s intent to cancel the travel contract owing to quality problems that significantly harm the tour


The customer must inform RT of their plans within one month of the tour’s conclusion if they intend to make a claim against RT for compensation as a result of the company’s breach of contract.

Claims cannot be accepted from service providers, tour guides, or other neighborhood organizations.

According to international law, claims for RT’s illegal behavior must be made within three years of the tour contract’s expiration.

Any claim shall be brought in Quito, Ecuador.


Only under the restriction that RT shall not be liable for any injury, damage, death, delay, accident, inconvenience, or irregularity occasioned through the negligence or willful failure to act of any person or company which is to or does provide services in conjunction with this tour, including, without limitation, RT’s negligence. RT arranges lodging, transportation, and related travel services for the passenger.

RT does not own, operate, control, manage, or supervise any supplier of goods or services to the trip, nor does it own any accommodations, transportation, and/or related travel services utilized on this trip.

RT is not responsible for the acts or inaction of third parties to this trip and bears no responsibility for any action or inaction of any such third parties.

RT is not responsible for any harm, loss, death, injury, inconvenience, or cost resulting from such an action or inaction, including, but not limited to, those caused directly or indirectly by acts of force majeure, downgrading of accommodations or hotel issues of any kind, from governmental actions of any kind, weather, illness or epidemics, or the threat thereof, financial difficulties or supplier insolvency, tainted or unwholesome food, strikes, or labor unrest, any of the risks listed on page one of this document, such as those associated with rough terrain, high altitude, oxygen deprivation, sanitary issues, scuba diving, boating, or swimming, dangers incident to the sea, animal riding, dangers incident to wild or domestic animals, and dangerous or poisonous fauna or flora, delays associated with or failures of transportation mechanisms to arrive at the destination.

Without limiting the aforementioned, RT is not liable for any additional costs or unanticipated delays brought on by any of the aforementioned. The additional hotel nights that may be needed on the way before or after a trip due to airline scheduling or timetable modifications, individual clients’ travel arrangements, or other circumstances are not the responsibility of RT. RT disclaims any liability for lost or damaged luggage or other personal items.

RT will never be held responsible for any incidental or consequential losses, regardless of their nature.

When considered necessary or advantageous, RT retains the right to substitute hotels, tour guides, and yachts and to change the itinerary.

For getting their passports, ensuring their continued validity, and securing any relevant visas or other travel documents, participants are completely responsible.

If a person’s actions or general demeanor interfere with the trip’s operation, pose a safety risk, or impair the rights, welfare, or enjoyment of other trip participants, RT maintains the right to refuse to accept or retain that person or member on any trip. Any such situation will result in no refunds being granted.

RT reserves the right to record our journeys on camera or on film, and may use the recordings for promotional or commercial purposes.


Both the customer and RT have the right to withdraw from or terminate the travel contract if the trip is unusually difficult, dangerous, or involves risk of any kind (e.g., war, strike, disturbance, pandemic diseases, sovereign arrangement, etc.).

Except for emergency transportation, where RT will cover up to 50% of the total cost, the customer is responsible for all expenses associated with emergency procedures for unanticipated circumstances (including hospitalization, additional housing, and food). Additional requirements are not included.


The traveller is responsible for meeting any entry and health regulations, passport, customs requirements, visas, and currency import regulations on their own and at their own costs. All disadvantages and charges which arise from disregard to these regulations are accountable to the client even if regulation changes have been modified after the reservation was made. If at all possible, RT will inform customers of important modifications to the general regulations as described in the travel descriptions of the tours before the start of the tour.


Any person in decent physical condition is able to participate in the expeditions. A fit client will enjoy even a simple journey more. The clients are urged to get in condition by working out frequently because they will have to climb and descend stairs, navigate rough terrain, and board and exit the yacht from a small skiff. Some routes call for walking or hiking over uneven ground on tough treks. Running, hiking, swimming, biking, and aerobics are all beneficial exercises for conditioning. If you have any concerns about your capacity to complete a specific trip, kindly get in touch with us. When a trip has begun and you find that you are unable to partake in an activity because it is beyond your physical capabilities, please note that there will be no refunds for any unused portion of the tour.


You must generally be in good health. It is essential that anyone with medical conditions and related food restrictions inform us about them well in advance of departure. Our experts will go through the suitability of the specific tour you have chosen with you. Any moment, if deemed medically essential to prevent endangering the group’s welfare, the trip leader has the right to remove any participant from the group. In certain cases, refunds are not provided.

Since RT is not a medical facility, it has no knowledge of or liability for the medications or vaccinations that you and your private doctor may decide are essential for your safe participation in the trip.

RT disclaims all responsibility for the provision of medical services. Members of the trip are asked to make sure their insurance is sufficient by checking it.

When using RT’s services, the client attests to being in excellent general health and absolves RT of any responsibility and refund for any harm brought on by the customer’s own health neglect.


The travel contract’s overall validity is not automatically implied by the invalidity of a specific rule.


We advise you to buy trip cancellation insurance coverage, which would pay you back for non-refundable airline and trip cancellation fees should you have to cancel your trip due to personal or family illness, to protect your investment in your vacation and any unanticipated medical problems. Additionally, we strongly advise purchasing health insurance that covers all medical services in Ecuador.


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